Aegean Restaurant. An Authentic Greek & Armenian Restaurant.
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741 Moody Street, Waltham, MA, USA

Open 12 – 8 PM on Mother’s Day May 12th


Wine and Beer

Greek Wine Selections

White Wine

$ 12...46

Aromas of peach, mastic, mango and lemon along with white flowers and herbs.

$ 11...38

Floral notes of chamomile, jasmine and herbs.

$ 12...46

White flowers, soft and fresh, honeysuckle, violets, rose petals, crisp acidity.

$ 9...34

Citrus fruit and touches of jasmine and mint.

Red Wine

$ 11...42

Concentrated aromas of fresh red fruits, herbs and light floral aromas.

$ 9...36

On the palate it has medium body, moderate acidity with smooth tannins.

$ 12...46

Elegant balance of forest fruit, spice and smoke.

Armenian Wine Selections

Sparkling Wine

Keush Origins/Armenia
$ 60

Elegant sparkler with notes of lemon, golden apple and pear accented by white team and jasmine.

White Wine

$ 11...42

Dry, medium-to-full bodied wine with aromas of ripe apple, pear and honeysuckle balanced with crip, savory herb backbone.

Red Wine

Van Ardi/Armenia
$ 13...46

A fruit-forward, attractive wine showing notes of berries and hints of chocolate, that's well structured and persistent in its expressive flavors.

$ 12...44

Areni is an aromatic wine with notes of red cherries, plums and notes of pepper. Medium-bodied, with refreshing acidity and concentrated flavors of berries and spices.

Old World/New World

Sparkling Wine

$ 10...37

Aromas of golden apples, hones and peaches greet the nose as you sip the wine with aromatic notes of honey and floral hints.

Champagne/Nicolas Feuillatte Brut/France
$ 90

Baked peaches, tart tatin, apricot pie and honey.

White Wine

Pinot Grigio/Santa Rita/Chile
$ 8...28

Fresh pineapple, citrus and tropical aromas.

Pinot Grigio/Di Leonardo/Italy
$ 9...30

The combination of the Grave and Colli Orientali let us produce a wine which has body, bright acidity, and great minerality.

Sauvignon Blanc/Beyond/South Africa
$ 9...34

Zesty flavors of passion fruit, melon, kiwi and lime.

Sauvignon Blanc/Momo/Marlborough
$ 12...44

Medium-bodied, silky and clean, it finishes with crisp acids and lingering citrus.

$ 11...40

Lemon, lime, grapefruit, pear and even a hint of beeswax.

Chenin Blanc/Man/South Africa
$ 10...38

Peach and apple flavours on the palate are framed by a refreshing acidity.

Riesling/Newport Vineyards/Rhode Island
$ 11...40

Fruit-forward on both the nose and the palate and is one of the most food friendly.

Chardonnay/Santa Rita/Chile
$ 8...28

The bright fruit and honey comb palate is nicely framed by crisp acidity.

Chardonnay/Carmel Road/California
$ 12...46

Tangerine, Asian pear, white flower, vanilla bean and butter cream flavors.

$ 13...48

This wine has a bouquet of strawberries and white flowers with hints of vanilla.

Red Wine

Pinot Noir/Violet Hill/Oregon
$ 13...48

Black raspberry, plum, black cherry fruits with a slight creaminess.

$ 11...42

Fragrant and intense, with deep fruit notes raspberry against a licorice backdrop.

Nero d'Avola/Tenuta Regaleali/Sicily
$ 12...45

Complex and supple, with ripe berry flavors framed by silky tannins.

Red Blend/Troublemaker/Paso Robles
$ 11...42

Sweet vanilla, black berry cobbler, fresh currant.

Bordeaux/Cru Monplaisir/France
$ 14...55

Plums, figs, graphite, black currant and a touch of oak.

Merlot/Drumheller/Columbia Valley
$ 10...36

Blueberry, subtle spice and rose petals with hints of cocoa.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Knotty Vines/California
$ 9...30

An indulgent Cabernet Sauvignon packed with mocha and black cherry flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Santa Rita/Chile
$ 8...28

Notes of red and black fruits predominate on the nose with the touch of spice.

Super Tuscan/Ciacci/Tuscany
$ 10...38

Sweet cherry, red plum, flowers, leather and a hint of dusty earth.

$ 12...44

Delicate violet and lavender notes, with traces of vanilla and mocha.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Requiem/Columbia Valley
$ 13...48

Blackberry and black currant fruit, wrapped around a vibrant core of acidity,

Beer List

$ 5
Bud Light
$ 5
Coors Light
$ 5
Miller Lite
$ 5
Michelob Ultra
$ 5
Amstel Light
$ 6
Stella Artois
$ 6
Sam Adams
$ 6
Mythos (Greece)
$ 7
Fix (Greece)
$ 7
Blue Moon
$ 7
$ 7
$ 8
Voss Water (Sparkling/Still)
$ 15